Are your Bartenders Breaking the Rules?

“It’s easy to get served at the bar”, says Vincent F., intern at F&G Hospitality. He’s one of the young, undercover staff members that visits hotel outlets accompanied by our adult consultants…and he gets results!

“My success rate is 63%”. Being a college student, Vincent says he wasn’t surprised by the success of his investigations. “I can walk up to the bar; I can order a drink at dinner. I pretty much get served without question. “

He looks like any other young person who may or may not be of age. He’s neither very tall or short, no beard or other age inducing characteristics identify him. The college student simply requests a drink and your staff either complies or folds.

While most businesses require staff to card anyone under the age of 30 for compliance, the reality is that your bartenders may care more about getting the drink out and adding to their tip jar.

“They may not understand the severity of their actions. Maybe they are seasonal workers, or maybe they just don’t care.” says Director of Business Operations, Stephen M.

But YOU care! The LAW cares! Our minor report was implemented at the request of our clients, to combat the common practice of bartenders serving alcohol to minors. Regardless of the reason, you want and need 100% compliance.

Let F&G Hospitality reveal your weaknesses before the authorities ever get a chance to catch you in a sting operation. We save you from losing hundreds of dollars, your liquor license, and a horrible headache handling the problem.

Make the MINOR REPORT part of your evaluation report, today! Call to request more information.

-F&G Staff

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