F&G has innovated the outsource training industry, as it has quality assurance, by offering training in modules on a regular basis, reducing the cost of training, and improving upon the efficiency of the service. By offering training in modules concentrating on various areas of the hotel’s room division department or areas within the food and beverage department, hotels can now obtain professional help in training their various departments to become more guest focused, efficient and profitable. F&G offers its modular training in varying frequencies allowing hotels to concentrate their training dollars in the various areas based on the hotel’s priority, and allowing the hotel to spread out its training costs as well as maintain a regular routine of on going training at the property.

“It’s Show time”
“Show time” is F&G Hospitality Consulting’s term for its interactive technique of training packages that encourage quick development and learning while having fun. F&G Hospitality Consulting will customize an informative, fun training program to achieve your operational goals. Training emphasizes better techniques for listening to the guest, developing better selling techniques, improving current performance service standards product knowledge and staff enthusiasm.

F&G Hospitality Consulting has training and developmental programs for refining and developing managers and line staff positions in all front & back of the house departments, as well as group sales, catering and reservations.

+ Valet Parking
+ Professional Door Services
+ Front Desk/Check In Bell Services, Ambassadors of the Hotel
+ Concierge/Guest Services

+ The 10 Commandments of Good Service
+ Building better add on sales with appetizers, wine, beverages and dessert.

+ I think I’m a mentor, the employees think I’m mental!
+ Management 101
+ 5 Senses of Management

+ How to manage and run profitable Golf
+ How to manage and run a profitable Spa
+ How to manage and run a profitable Tennis Facility
+ How to manage and run a profitable Retail Outlet
+ Group selling. A lost art or simply lost revenue?

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