Operations Analysis & Consultation

At F&G Hospitality Consulting, we offer professional assistance in every aspect of the hospitality industry. Some of the services we feature include:

Profit and Loss Analysis
With this service we analyze your profit and loss statement, highlight areas of concern to target and offer solutions to reducing costs and increasing profits in any and all areas. Once we’ve determined the problems, we will then help you with the solutions.

Marketing Analysis
With this program we assist you in determining the main and secondary markets for your property, and highlight ways to better reach and obtain these markets.

Human Resource Analysis
With this program we examine your human resource department, ensuring that all federal, state and local regulations are followed, ensure that all files are complete and accurate, conduct a local wage and benefits survey and verify that your interviewing and recruitment policies and procedures are effective.

Ask yourself the following questions:
+ Are you satisfied with your current bottom line profit?
+ Are you satisfied with each revenue-generating department?
+ Are you satisfied with the performance of your current management and staff employees?
+ Are you satisfied with your current success?

If you answered “no” or even “I don’t know” to any of the above questions, you may want to consider allowing F&G Hospitality Consulting’s team of specialists to perform an operational analysis on your property.

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