Market Research


Market Research

Guest Surveys
The Marketing Research & Guest Satisfaction Survey program analyzes the responses of survey questions posed to 1000 recent guests of the hotel. Clients obtain the opinions from a broad base of guests to base strategic management decisions, not just those 3 to 4 % of the guests who fill out guest comment cards. With this report you will actually know How your guests heard of your hotel or resort, What the guests thought of his or her experience, If the guest would return to the hotel and Why they would or would not return. Better yet, this service also gives you the name and contact information of the dissatisfied guests so that you can have an opportunity to again win their confidence before they visit a competitor.

Our market research department is more effective than other mainstream companies whose names you may recognize. Why…because our response ratio is higher. Whereas they achieve between 3 to 10% response on the number of guests surveyed, our return ranges between 35 to 40%. Each survey performed is specifically designed and your guests will no longer receive the same typical survey they respond to when buying a new car. Before each survey, management is asked what important information they want obtained, and your survey is constructed to highlight those areas of concern. Our consulting department also analyzes the data in a very user-friendly summation that highlights commonalities, as well as areas of improvement and areas of concern.

Our Market Research department can help you better evaluate the satisfaction levels of both your guests and your employees through our employee surveys and focus groups.

Employment Surveys/Employment Focus Groups
Every company has a manual, memo or sign somewhere stating;

“Our Employees are our most valuable Asset”

Really?? When is the last time your organization asked “your most valuable asset” for its opinion of your operation? Their opinion not that important? It is when you consider the statistic that on average, each service employee interacts with between 30 to 40 guests EACH DAY and certain departments interact with even more!!!

Want to know what your guests think? Ask your employees. Employees hear the good, the bad and the ugly about all aspects of the operation, from the most important people in the world, the guest. Employee surveys and employee focus groups are especially crucial in companies and industries that provide customer service like the Hospitality Industry. An employee survey or focus group of employees that builds cars will yield a lot of good information for management, but realistically, how many of those employees interact with the driving public? Employee surveys and focus groups are a necessary tool that is underestimated in its value, and not utilized to its potential by the Hospitality Industry.

Too often, management on multiple levels, make the cardinal sin of thinking they know more than their customer. They run organizations with belief that they know the what the guest wants and needs without having the knowledge that the proper feedback from the actual people servicing the guest could and would provide.

Regular employee surveys and follow-up focus groups by F&G Hospitality Consulting will:
+ Improve guest satisfaction and guest satisfaction scores
+ Reduce costly employee turnover
+ Improve employee morale
+ Improve worker productivity
+ Make training efforts more effective
+ Help you identify cost saving opportunities

Our market research department will develop and execute employee surveys of all employees of the hotel property. Survey questions are based on current labor relations trends and needs and management input. Surveys are completed by employees anonymously so employee input is genuine, honest and detailed. The surveys are then fed into our database and management receives objective, measurable data providing a more accurate clear picture of both guest and employee needs and desires. On site and corporate management is also able, through our database, to compare past and current results to determine improvement in employee feelings.

Two weeks after the survey results are tallied, F&G Consultants arrive at the property for two days. Our consultants meet randomly with groups of employees from each area of the property to discuss in greater detail employee thoughts, feeling and ideas and fill in the detail the surveys provide. The result, management gets very quantitative and qualitative data that provides the management team with necessary feedback to target specific areas to improve service to the guest, operational efficiency and relations with the employees.

We recommend clients utilize F&G’s Employee Survey/Focus Groups Bi-Annually (2 times per year) to improve their operations. You will receive a return on your investment many times over in savings on training and turnover.

Are you ready find out what your guests and employees are really thinking? Are you ready to begin treating your employees truly like the “most important asset” that they are? Contact one of our specialists today at, to schedule your program.

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